PennoFC Committee 2021 - CONTACT US


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President Tony Macko 0418606832 
Vice President Grahame Bateman 0419602433 
Club and Games Secretary Paul Sheldon 0412077042
Club Director of Coaching  Peter Cassar  0433 417 081
Treasurer & Public Officer Rob Curtis 0419738521
Jake Ghalloub 0421495552
Assistant Registrar Bruce Thomson 0402404226 
NWSF Delegate Chris Matthews 0448803377 
NWSF Delegate Kim Rosewell 0400663065 
Club Advisor Nick Macko  
Premier League Representative & Director of Coaching Peter Cassar 0433417081
Equipment Manager Frank van der Zanden 0457728704 
Weekend Field Management

Position available -  Applications welcome

Age Manager Coordinator Wendy Lockley 0410459645 
Club Advisor Bob Browne 0418290311
Social Media/Webmaster/TeamApp


Position Available - Applications welcome




Arthur Krahe

Kim Rosewell



Sponsorship Vacant  - Applications Welcome  
Immediate past President and Club Advisor to the Executive Peter Quessy  0427299949