PennoFC Committee 2019


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President Tony Macko 0418606832 
Vice President Grahame Bateman 0419602433 
Club and Games Secretary Paul Bennett 0415814849
Club Director of Coaching Jack Currie 0425322591 
Treasurer Rob Curtis 0419738521
Registrar Jonathan Lidbetter 0477378549
Assistant Registrar & Referees' Coordinator Bruce Thomson 0402404226 
Assistant Registrar & Summer Football Coordinator Jake Ghalloub 0412495552
NW Sydney Women's Football Delegate Chris Matthews 0448803377 
GHFA Delegate Kim Rosewell 0400663065 
BBQ Coordinator Andrew Passe-de Silva 0410653878
Premier League Representative Andrew Cassar 0422200611
Premier League Representative Peter Cassar 0433417081
Equipment Officer Frank van der Zanden 0457728704 
Weekend Field Management Chris Lazarou 0434010389
Age Manager Coordinator Wendy Lockley 0410459645 
Minis Coordinator Nicole Smith 0417746751
Social Media/Webmaster

Nicole Smith

Nick Macko




Arthur Krahe

Kim Rosewell



Sponsorship Vacant  - Applications Welcome  
Immediate past President Peter Quessy  0427299949