Frequently Asked Questions

It's raining - is the game still on?
How do I know if the grounds are closed for training?
We didn't have a referee today, What happens?
As a team manager how do I avoid a wrong result fine?
What is the Club's policy on the treatment of referees?
As a coach what are my duties to the Team and the Club?
Who do I contact about lost property?
Should the manager check on ground allocation each week?
It's raining - is the game still on?
  • It is the responsibility of your Team Manager to communicate to Players and/or Parents if there are Ground Closures.
  • The decision to close grounds is often a decision of the local Council, and can include discussions with the relevant Football Association. 
  • Check out the 'Wet Weather' option under the 'Game Day' menu option in this site for all relevant links and information about local ground closures. 
  • As always, follow PennoFC on Facebook for general updates.
How do I know if the grounds are closed for training?

Both Hornsby Shire Council and the Pennant Hills Football Club  have authority to close grounds for training.
Ground closures will be posted on the this web site or contact your team manager or call Hornsby Council's Wet Weather Line on  9847 6764 or go to Quick Links - Hornsby Ground Closure Status on

We didn't have a referee today, What happens?

If you are the Home Team ie. the first team on the Draw then you must email the team sheet after the match to Bob Browne - or if you can't email it drop it into 28 Greycliffe Avenue Pennant Hills by Sunday at 7pm.

As a team manager how do I avoid a wrong result fine?

When you sign the team sheet at the end of the game check what the referee has put as the score. If there is a problem sort it out at that time.
The GHFA receives the score from both teams and the referee and if one does not agree it is deemed as a wrong result and a fine is the imposed.

Also, the team manager should ensure that the result is submitted on the PennoFC website: under Results before 7pm each Sunday.

If you have any problems please contact your Age Manager or if not available contact Bob Browne on 0418 290 311 or

What is the Club's policy on the treatment of referees?

The hardest job in any soccer match is that of the referee. Through their own choice they provide an essential part of our game. This choice is made easy when a smile and a thankyou are given after their efforts.

Pennant Hills Football Club enjoys a reputation for fair play and fair dealings throughout the Association and our community. The fair manner with which we treat our referees is second nature to most of us. The following items have been provided to remind us all of our obligations in respect to our match officials.

  • Referees at all times, before, during and after matches are to be treated with the utmost of respect and courtesy.

  • They are to be thanked after each match and teams are to shake the referee's hand and provide a cheer for their assistance.

  • We encourage actions that result in commendation and praise of a referee. This includes personally thanking the referee or informing a member of our Committee for further commendation action.

 If you wish to criticise a referee there is ONLY one course of action that you may take: direct your comments to any member of our Committee for further action. The Club has a formal avenue by which complaints are dealt with properly and quickly.

  • Under no circumstances are you to converse with a referee if your comments are of a potentially abusive, negative or untoward nature. This includes comments from the sidelines during the course of a match.

  • If a player or official is found to have abused or offended a referee the club may impose a ban from playing or participation.

  • If a spectator associated with our club is found to have abused or offended a referee then that person may be requested to cease attending club matches.

  • It is also expected that anyone observing this behaviour will remind the offending person of their responsibility and if appropriate report the matter to a member of our Committee.

  • Everyone is reminded that there is recourse available to younger referees under the Child Protection Act for instances that are of an abusive or offensive nature.

As a coach what are my duties to the Team and the Club?

 Before the Season starts

 Once the registration letter is circulated : Return previous year’s player ID cards to the Registrar  Encourage last year’s players to register on time.


After registration day, contact the Age Manager or Registrar for guidance on:

Contacting prior-year players who have not yet registered

Organizing collection of outstanding forms, money, photos, proof of age.

Ensure all players are told times/places of Team Allocation Days, training and trial   matches.

Keep Registrar informed of changes in team personnel and grading.


Coach to pick up training equipment as directed

Ensure all registered players check the team rego form; return this to the Age Manager

 Attend the Coaches’ and Managers’ information night. Training times will be negotiated and finalised then, so speak to parents at Team Allocation Day re their preferences (and yours).


Organize a team ring-around list, for passing messages (especially re wet weather).

Prepare a roster for washing the team shirts each week. (Shirts preferably returned to coach or manager on training night.)

Encourage all players to bring a named drinking water bottle to matches and training.

Ensure all players are given a list of the time and place of each match, once the interim and full draws are available.


During the Season

 Ensure sufficient players are available for each match. Plan ahead for school holiday matches. Note that new players can be registered at GHFA in U9+ until the last Friday in May. 

  1. Never allow an unregistered player to participate.
  2. Also, under FIFA rules, no player can play without shin pads.
  3. GHFA insurance requires that no player wear a cap with a stiff peak. Eye glasses may be worn at the referee’s discretion, but they must have plastic lenses, no sharp corners, and be securely fastened.

 Ensure players and parents are aware they should get to each game with sufficient time to warm up, get into team shirt,  and receive instructions.

 Each team will be issued with Team Sheets with player photos. These need to be with you at each match. See the GFHA Instruction Book for ID requirements  at the game. (As a back-up, at least one other parent should carry a copy all players’ IDs and photos or you can have them saved electronically on a smartphone or tablet)


Give the Official Team Sheet to the referee before match. (Remember the team listed first on the draw is the “home” team who supplies the sheet and is listed first; regardless of match location.) Numbers on the team sheet (which can be altered from those printed) are to match the numbers on each player’s back. Original sheets must be used (ie no photocopies).


Ensure the referee enters the correct score at the conclusion of each match (noting correct “home” team), and then sign the Team Sheet. If there is no referee, the home team email team sheet to


 Some matches will need to organise referees and linesmen at the start of each game, when no paid officials are available. See whether a referee is allocated by looking from each Wednesday at the referees’ website which is the Uncovered Games Quicklinks on our home page.


Coach and Manager to wear armbands during each match (else club fined). Only armband-wearers are allowed on the field, and then only at the referee’s invitation.

 After the match submit your score and match report  onto  For U9 and above the score is entered on the GHFA results portal (we are fined if it is late or wrong).

Results have to be submitted on the website as soon as possible after the end of the game or by 7pm Sunday at the latest.

 For further information see


If there has been heavy rain during the 24 hrs before your training session, check web site that the grounds are open. Council will fine us for using a closed oval.

If Saturday matches are cancelled, or training is cancelled for the entire week, the coaches’ ring-around will be started. News may also be available on GHFA’s web site which also has all match results; or wet weather recorded phone messages for Hornsby Council 9847-6764 or Ryde Council 9952-8244. Note though that after 2pm Friday any ground closures are GHFA’s decision, not Councils’.


Players can play for PennoFC in a higher Division or Age up to 5 times in a year. (Upon the 6th time, they can not return to the lower team.) Players playing “up” must take their ID sheet and have the reverse endorsed with the date and team played for (leave plenty of room for 15 possible upgrades over the card’s 3-year lifespan).


A player can only be downgraded if agreed by GHFA before the 4th comp. game.


Registered players can not play Association Football for another club or representative team without GHFA permission (school competitions are not FIFA-sanctioned Association Football and hence are OK). A PennoFC team playing (say) a trial game against a school team needs to notify our Club Secretary who can direct what needs to be done so that insurance will apply.


Apart from Premier League, Penno Football Club policy is that all available team players will receive equal field time, except that Coaches have discretion to depart from this during semi-finals. Equality can be achieved each match, or alternatively over a longer period if a roster is kept.


Keep our Committee informed of team issues, problems or changes; including change of any player’s address or other contact details (See Contacts on


Be enthusiastic! Help players to do their best and enjoy themselves. Placate parents. Ensure barracking is positive, not critical. 

Never criticise referees or the opposition during a match or within the hearing of players.

End of Season


Encourage all players to attend presentation day. Attend presentation day yourself.


Return all equipment and have it signed off. Return Photo ID cards to the Registrar.


Encourage players to return next year.

Who do I contact about lost property?

All lost Property that is handed in will be stored at the Canteen at Pennant Hills Football Centre (Penno No. 3) and can be collected when the Canteen is open.

Should the manager check on ground allocation each week?

Each Manager should double-check the GHFA Draw  through the QuickLinks on on a Thursday night for any changes.

Also,  Managers can get the pre-printed team sheet each Thursday from the icompman website Login is penr and password greene - both of these are case dependent. 

Ensure that the correct numbers and players are listed for all eligible players and correct ground information are listed on The Team Sheet.