Age Managers in 2018 (16-02)

At PennoFC, an Age Manager is allocated to each age group. The Age Manager is there to help Team Coaches & Managers with any questions or concerns that may arise during the season.

As with all positions at Penno FC, Age Managers volunteer their time to help parents and children enjoy their Football experience with Penno FC.

Please introduce yourself to your Age Manager if you see them about, and be sure to rely on them if you need a hand.

See Also: Age Managers in 2018 (PDF)

  Email - click name below  Telephone:         
Under 6's - 9's Wendy Lockley 0410459645 
  Nicole Smith 0417746751
  Nick Macko 0433507774
Under 10's - 11's Dave Collins 0419278276 
Under 12's Bruce Thomson 0402404226
Under 13's & 14's Chris Lazarou 0434010389
Under 15's Bruce Thomson 0402404226
Under 16's Tony Macko 0418606832
Under 18's Paul Bennett 0415814849
Under 21's Jake Ghalloub 0421495552
All Age Grahame Bateman 0419602433
Over 35's & Over 45's Chris Matthews 0448803377
Premier League Rob Curtis  0419738521
Women's & Girls Chris Matthews  0448803377