TeamApp: The Role of Team Managers


Pennant Hills Football Club will continue to use TeamApp to help streamline contact with players and parents during the season.

TeamApp uptake Update: This successful communication would not have been possible without the support of Team Managers.

We acknowledge it will take time for everyone to familiarise themselves with the App, communicating via the App and optimising it for your respective teams. The Club's expectation regarding your use of TeamApp is outlined below. The Club does not feel these are onerous, in fact, once familiar, we feel TeamApp will save Managers time, reducing (if not eliminating) the need to send emails back and forth amongst parents/players. 


Important TeamApp Links for Team Managers:

See: Team Manager Download & Installation Instructions

See: TeamApp information for Players & Parents/Guardians

See: TeamApp FAQ's

See: Creating your Game Day Event Schedule

TeamApp and the role of Team Managers  
  Team Draw

The draw for Teams can be found following links listed under 'Game Day' main menu.

PennoFC would like Team Managers to create game day information via Team App. Once this is done once (which the Club will do for each Team), the Team Manager can select 'duplicate', modify the game day information, add any relevant comments (e.g. "Jon to bring oranges" or "Mary not available this week") before saving the entry. This can be done in <60 seconds each week (or in advance), without the need for emails to-and-fro with parents/players.

  Team Events

Use TeamApp to create any events applicable to your team only. You might use this feature during the year for events such as Team Photoshoot, BBQ Roster, Pennant Hills Park set-up/pack away roster, Team Dinner's, and even your training sessions. 

  Team Gallery TeamApp allows you to share photos, and to keep these photos accessible only to your team. Any member of your TeamApp Team Group can add photos, and the Team Manager can edit what's available in the gallery should anything not be appropriate, especially where it contravenes the Clubs's Social Media Policy.  
  Team Chat Group Team App allows any member of your TeamApp Group to add a comment to your Chat Group. This is a great way to pose general questions or seek assistance from your teammates, again, without the need for countless emails too-and-fro. TeamApp allows users to edit their notification settings at any time.  
  PennoFC New & Events Please encourage all parents/players to subscribe to PennoFC News and Events to ensure any Club wide information is received by all.