TeamApp: Help & Assistance


Do you require assistance?

Like any new platform, we may experience some teething issues as we all become familiar TeamApp - we appreciate everyone's support and patience if this does occur. All stakeholders are invited to submit TeamApp feedback any time during the Season. The Club will undertake a formal review of TeamApp and its role at the end of the season, including surveying members, to ascertain how (and if) TeamApp is best adopted by the club in future seasons.


Want to check which PennoFC Groups/Teams you have subscribed to?

App: From TeamApp home page, select 'Settings' in top right of screen, then select 'Access Groups'

PC/Browser: If you're already logged in to TeamApp, select this link. Otherwise log-in to TeamApp, and navigate yourself to 'My Membership' page and then click on 'Access Groups'. See screenshot.