TeamApp: Download Instructions



Download & Installation

1. If you wish to use the downloaded App version of TeamApp, using a smart phone, download TeamApp from the appropriate App Store: Apple Store or Google Play Store (or access content online via  
2. Once downloaded, open the App and register with TeamApp (if you aren't already a user). You may receive a verification email from TeamApp which you will need to open and validate  
3. When prompted to search for a Club in TeamApp - do this by searching using “Pennant Hills” and then locate and select: “Pennant Hill Football Club”  
4. You will be prompted to complete some contact info etc and agree to the club’s Social Media Policy  

To have access to the information you want to see, you now select which of the available PennoFC TeamApp Groups you wish to join. This choice is yours. We recommend requesting access to join:

  • Your Team Group (you should be able to identify your Team by the Age Group and associated Team Manager name). Your Team Manager will review and approve all requests to join your TeamGroup in TeamApp. If you have more than one child playing at PennoFC for example, you are able to request to join more than one PennoFC TeamApp Group.
  • PennoFC News & Events Group (No approval is required to join this Group)