TeamApp For Team Managers: Creating Game Day events


One of the most common tasks completed by the Team Manager, is to create Game Day Events in TeamApp. This is very easy, especially once you have created the first one.

Accessing the Draw (NWSF)  

You can access the 2020 Draw via North West Sydney Football website -


  • Select Pennant Hills FC and save as your default club
  • Edit the date range by selecting "Other Dates"
  • Sort by Age/Division - Contact your Age Manager if you don't know your Age/Division details



Creating a Game Day Event (and subsequent Events) in TeamApp

Most Manager's who have seen TeamApp have provided feedback that Creating a Game Day Event is very intuitive and user friendly. We have however provided detailed instructions below for every step of the Game Day Event creation process in TeamApp.

Once you have created your first Game Day Event, to create subsequent events, simply open your first event and select the 'DUPLICATE' option. You then need only edit SUBJECT, DATE, START TIME, END TIME, LOCATION and COMMENTS. Then hit SAVE and your done. It is a once-only task timed on average at 30mins (45mins max) to enter the full draw into TeamApp.

STEP 1:   Open TeamApp via:    
STEP 2:   Log-in (if required) and select Game Day from Navigation Menu    
STEP 3:   Locate and select the team you manage from the list of PennoFC teams  
STEP 4:   Now you can create a NEW event, to do this:    
  • Select 'NEW' button (It is a green button located top right of Team Game Day page)
  • Ensure the team you manage is appearing in the "Team" box
  • Add Event Name (e.g. Round 1 V Kenthurst)
  • Add Game Date, start/end time & any notes to Parents/Players. Then, add the address of field where game will be held and select the look-up button to validate the location. This will publish a map for your team as part of the Game Day Event entry.
  • Add Description. E.g. Please arrive 30mins prior to game for warm-up. Please use RSVP feature in TeamApp if your child is unable to make the game. Smith's on orange duty this week. Any issues, please add comment to our TeamApp Chat Group. Thanks everyone.
  • Notifications and Preferences: We recommend the following settings:
Comments: Set to 'ON'. This will allow members of your group to add a comment to the Game Day Event. 
Notifications: Set to 'SEND NOTIFICATIONS'. Do not select "ALSO SEND EMAIL COPY"
Add Attachment:  No need to select this option.
Set Reminder: Select "2 hours before" reminder (or as you think best) 
Make Recurring: Do NOT select this option. Each game day event will be different (e.g. Different time, location, & opposition) 
Add RSVP's: This feature invites your team to RSVP Yes/No/Maybe for a Game Day Event. This is a personal choice, but perhaps ask Players/Parents just to RSVP with a NO, when they cannot make the Game Day Event.
Record Attendances: This option allows the Manager to record which PLayers attended the game day event. This is a personal choice, but perhaps an unnecessary step for most teams.
Add Ticketing: Do NOT select this option


  • Select SAVE. This will now alert your team of a game day event.