TeamApp: Team Manager Download & Installation Instructions


Download & Installation

TeamApp is accessible via the TeamApp App, or without any downloads online via

  1. As a Manager, you will have received an email from the Pennant Hills Football Club TeamApp Administrator providing details about installing TeamApp and engaging your team 
  2. If you wish to use the App version of Team App, download TeamApp from the appropriate App Store: Apple Store or Google Play Store (Alternatively, you can access all content without downloading TeamApp, relying on the browser version:
  3. When prompted to search for a Club in TeamApp - do this by searching using “Pennant Hills” and then locate and select: “Pennant Hill Football Club” (You may be asked to validate your email address depending on how you were first set-up in TeamApp)
  4. It is up to you to determine who you wish to subscribe to, but the Club has subscribed you by default to the following groups:
    • 2018 Coaches & Managers Group
    • Your Team Group (you should be able to identify your Team by the Age Group and associated Team Manager name). 
    • PennoFC News & Events Group 


Social Media Policy

The use of TeamApp is governed by the Club's Social Media Policy. If you see anything posted in TeamApp which you feel may breach our Social Media Policy, please alert the club immediately.


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