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Thank you to our Managers and Coaches for volunteering for the 2020 Winter Season. You are instrumental in ensuring our players enjoy their Football season.
This is a record-breaking season for PennoFC - but more importantly, we look forward to a season filled with fun, laughs and new friendships. You should find all the information you need regarding the new season here. If you can't find what you're after, please reach out to your Age Manager. Equally, if you identify any additional information which might be useful to publish here, or something could be articulated more clearly, please also escalate these ideas to your Age Manager. The Club is here to support you throughout the Season, you need only ask for help if you need it. 
Team Managers and Coaches checklist
Mini team and short for players? In mini age groups not only can you ask other same-aged or younger PennoFC teams to sub in extra players (via TeamApp), you can also approach the opposition Manager on game day and either seek to borrow an opposition player or agree to fewer players on the field to ensure a fair equal-sided game. It’s all about fun and learning skills in the Mini age groups, so with all the flexibility available, there should be no reason for our littlest PennoFC stars to ever miss games due to a PennoFC forfeit.
Coach & Team Manager Information - all teams

21 JUNE 2018

Failure to use e-Teamsheets per procedure will result in fines or forfeit for U10's and up

NWSF has commenced issuing fines and applying forfeits for teams not using e-Teamsheets correctly. Please ensure you are aware of the procedures


16 MAY 2018

Game rules for U6's-U11's

NWSF has issued a reminder for all Coaches, Manager's, Referees and Parents to ensure games are being played in accordance with Mini rules. See: Rules Summary 

01 JULY 2O18

2020 NWSF Information Book

The NWSF has released its 2020 Information Book.

See: Resource Library page

26 MAR 2018


all Team Managers will have received emailed instructions from the Club about TeamApp and its roll-out and use in Season 2019.

See: TeamApp: The Role of Team Manager

See: TeamApp: How to create a Game Day Event

See: TeamApp: For Players & Parents/Guardians


8 MAR 2018

CompMan in 2020 

CompMan is back in 2020, but now with a smartphone-friendly look. We encourage those managing our competition teams from U10s and up to access CompMan ahead of the season to familiarise yourself with the layout. 

Visit our CompMan page for access to a new 2019 User Guide and details about gaining access if you haven't used this tool before.


1 MAR 2018

'Working with Children' Check

All Managers and Coaches must have a current 'Working with Children' check to participate as a volunteer in Season 2020. A 'Working with Children' check is now required even if you have a child in the team you are engaged with.

For more information and important links visit our 'Working with Children' page.


May 2020

Training Schedule for 2020 The Club would like to thank Coaches and Team Managers for their understanding and flexibility helping us pull together the Pennant Hills Park Training Schedule for 2020


10 June 2020

Pennant Hills Park Field Lighting

Pennant Hills Park lighting can be controlled remotely. If you need the lights turned on or off authorised Committee members can do that for you- Go to Field Lighting

Coach & Team Manager Information - specific age group content 
Coaches/Managers of Mini's & Juniors U6s - U11's Information Last Updated: 13 March, 2018