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For a full list of available courses run by North West Sydney Football, download the Course Schedule> Just follow the link below.
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Coach Education Development and Engagement Calendar 


 NWSF Coach Education, Development and Engagement Calendar 

The 2020 calendar is filled with ever more events, not only from a coach education perspective but also from game development and club engagement perspective. Many high profile people have committed their time to help develop you, our coaches, by agreeing to provide a variety of development presentations.
The NWSF Calendar has been designed for coaches so that you can choose the course(s) most suitable for you and your team as well as any personal development and interests.
If you are unsure about suitability, please feel free to give Peter Cassar, our Director of Coaching, a call on 0433 417 081.
Don’t worry if you forget what’s on, NWSF and PennoFC will send reminders, particularly for key events. 
All links to registration are in the document. Please ensure that you register prior to attending. PennoFC wishes to encourage coach development and will pay for our coaches to complete appropriate courses.  Note - not all events come at a financial cost, only seeking a willingness from you to commit your time.

This year the opportunities are broken into: 
  • Coach Education - White cells 
  • Development / Engagement - Orange Cells 
There's a lot to enjoy: 
  • Community Coaching Courses 
  • "Masterclass" series where you get to hear from those that are the best at what they do in Australian football 
  • "A Night with..." series where coaches get to hear from high profile coaches and football professionals
  • FNSW Coaching Conference - the first one to come outside of VSP 
  • Special Programmes - requested by clubs 
  • Interaction moments with A-League clubs and NWSF SpiritFC 
  • Mentoring opportunities for Mini, Youth and Premier League coaches 
  • Well Being presentations 
  • Free School Programs for your clubs to utilise to grow your player base 
  • NWSF Premier Pre-season Tournaments 
  • NWSF Fun Tournaments 
  • Advanced and Specialist Courses 
Tony Macko, President and Peter Cassar, Club Director of Coaching